It's not all mumbo jumbo. There's no bones and blood, no eye of newt or toe of frog to stir up a divinatory potion.
Those are lines from Macbeth, guys, seriously. But if there were eye of newt, it really just meant mustard seeds.
See, the women of the old, wise ways called herbs and botanicals scary sounding things, and semantics has demonized much more than the Wyrd sisters. 
See, being called weird is linked to Wyrd, which literally meant being linked to divine fortune, personal fate, etc. 
I say we take weird back, and as a total compliment.

People have found various practices to aid them in this for millennia.
Reading esoteric symbols like oracles, tarot cards, animal guides, and crystals is a complex art that can give you deep insight into your life and psyche. 
They contain wisdom and truths that can be applied to our current situations to help achieve clarity and guidance. 

Deep inside, we already know what the right choices for us are.
These modalities are a way to help break through the noise our minds (and sometimes society) is making that keeps us from hearing that still small voice. 

When we are living our purpose and on the right path, it is easier for us to love and serve others, inspiring others to even more love.

What lies ahead can never be written in stone, unless you are the one holding the chisel.

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And remember,
I read the cards, but you write your own fortune.
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