Faery Friday: Uncovering Your Prima Materia with Losgunna


from The Faerie's Oracle by Brian Fround

 The Queen of Frogs is how I see this card. She seamlessly navigates the watery depths of emotions and the Earth/the physical life. Her bright, shining energy encourages both diving down into our darker puddles to swim and explore ( yes, even our slimy, warty things) as well as jumping off our comfortable perches into new areas to play and chirp.  

  Living in a subtropical climate, I am lucky enough to be constantly surrounded by frogs. I do mean surrounded. If I don't see a frog at least once a week in a weird spot or have one jump on me, it just isn't normal. They have several deeply spiritual and esoteric meanings for me. Therefore, when I see this card in a reading, it can also mean a couple of other things. I’ll explain-

 During the day, the frogs around our pool/green house hide in everything they can. 

Watering cans, flower pots, candles, lanterns, behind wall art, wind chimes, on the tiki bar. If they can fit, they hide from the hot sun there. 

They honor the temperature and seek out the cool dampness they need as creatures of a dual nature. I like this key for a balance reminder of honoring your emotional needs to your fiery “doing” nature. In contrast to the chaos behind her, she’s composed and has a steady, fixed focus.

She must have jumped off this morning in our backyard...
The toad is also a symbol within alchemy for the Prima Materia, or the primitive, formless base from which the alchemist will eventually work into the Philosopher's Stone. Heavy stuff. A quote to briefly describe what that meant in the natural philosophical sense from the Theatrum Chemicum, 1609 "They have compared the "prima materia" to everything, to male and female, to the hermaphroditic monster, to heaven and earth, to body and spirit, chaos, microcosm, and the confused mass; it contains in itself all colors and potentially all metals; there is nothing more wonderful in the world, for it begets itself, conceives itself, and gives birth to itself."   So, yeah. This might be a nudge to explore your damp hiding places and then see what alchemical stage you're ready to move into.

 Sometimes, if I’m not careful, I can disturb those hiding frogs or sometimes I get a surprise from a frog jumping on my head if I was too close to the hiding spot. Losgunna’s wings out position of ready-to-leap and this frog finding visual is an indicator of a little surprise or a startling delight. It can also mean go ahead and do it. If you’re ready to leap, you have all the support behind you you need. And don’t worry about stopping short. You have wings, Highness.


Full Moon in Taurus during Scorpio: 6 of Pentacles & 3 of Wands Reversed

 The full moon in Taurus brings us a fantastic opportunity to think about manifestation and being rooted in the physical level while acknowledging polarity in Scorpio of releasing and nodding at death.
Two cards from a reading today were spot on for this.

With fiery Sagittarius season approaching (and with it Thanksgiving in the U.S.) there's also an energy that lends itself to looking toward the future and planning, as well as our inner selves and spiritual goals.

 Six is a number of nurturing, sharing, love, reciprocity, and community.
6 coins, The Fountain
 The 6 of coins/pentacles  is all about the flow of energy between groups, people, business, you name it. If you're in a position to give, it's a sign to do so. If you're in need, it signals that help is there. Ask and you shall receive. The accompanying card was the reversed 3 of Wands, so we'll look at its upright meaning first.

Three is number of creation, growth, and multiplication.

3 of Wands can look like optimism, anticipation, foresight, partnership, progress, future growth, goal-oriented, business expansion, trade.

 The figure in the Rider-Waite could quite be literally waiting for a ship to come in. Back to everything else and eyes on the horizon, his focus is on what he has set in motion and how it will play out.
The warm gold of the sea suggests his efforts will be rewarded, yet the murky color of the sky indicates it could be a challenging endeavor. Cloaked in red and also wearing a headband, is this the Magician? Did he manifest what he wanted and now he's onto his next feat? This leads me to the next aspect of this card that I feel can be overlooked.

 Although this card often indicates business, one important meaning for me is the personal portal of self development. The figure is standing on a shore between the staves looking toward a new land. He has already passed through this doorway in the two of wands. The hand he has on his current staff represents one side of the next portal. Should his ventures prove successful, he may one day walk on those shores, and you'll see this in the energy on 4 of wands.

 If this card shows up reversed, the surrounding cards should play into the interpretation. It could mean that setbacks and blocks may happen, or perhaps plans weren't well thought out and a reassessment is called for to reach goals. Which rope do you let go of to reset yourself and then gain a better hold? I'm not about doom and gloom forecasting. Like I say, you write your own future, so how can you better align with the energy of the upright 3 of Wands? Think it over.

left to right pyrite, green aventurine, citrine (The Fountain Tarot)
 Stones I like for this pairing of cards are:
 citrine- always a go-to for commerce and goals
green aventurine- growth and abundance
pyrite- prosperity and a dose of grounded, protective energy, as well as helping the auric field and intellect, especially to recall pertinent info
rhodonite- heart centered intention, compassion, gratitude, balance, alternatives

 As you set your intentions for the full moon in Taurus, think on what needs to be released and allow that abundant, free flowing energy of the 6 of Coins to work its way to you.


Justice, Karma, and the Hermetic Principle of Causation

Oh, Justice. Justice, Justice, Justice.

This card pops up and some see it as a simple and concrete thing-
You're soon going to get your rewards or just desserts, or maybe even a literal legal ruling.
She represents many simple things; balance, law, social order, but to some- also nebulous concepts that are human and slippery. And she holds a much greater one; The Natural Order. We'll focus on that shortly.
I'm sure everyone hears people incessantly talking about what a bitch karma is, especially when they are unhappy with others' actions. The thing is, karma is simply the reflexive effects of an action. The personal judgment/offense of that action and the implication of immediate punitive measures are not what karma essentially is, but I'll leave that for those who who wish to dive deeper into Eastern concepts of kriya, karma, dharma, pap, etc. 
 In the traditional RWS tarot, we see Justice depicted as a woman, very similar to the goddess/personifications of justice in Greek mythos. She can be construed as both Themis (Divine Justice), and her daughter Dike (Human Justice), holding a scale in the left hand, for fairness and balance, and a sword in the right. This sword is double edged, and as the truth does in life, it can set you free or cut you. It is what it is. Clothed in red, she can harness the passions aroused when doling this justice by balancing her intellect and emotions. The grey pillars, which she is seated squarely between, and floor represent neutrality. Logic is upright but the blue jewel of her crown is on point, if you know what I mean.  Her white foot peeking out hints at the spiritual effects of the actions and judgements.

  In Greek myth, Dike had a sword to pierce the hearts of the unjust. Ouch. Here's the thing, though - in early Greek society, law and order was dictated by tradition. Law was law because that was the way it had always been done and that's how the group does things. There were no moral implications in Greek justice. (I mean, look at their gods, amiright?) This card really has a lot more to do with how actions, and inactions, affect others within your circles than you might want to admit. 
If I lost you with that human moral thing having little bearing on Divine justice, I'll bring in the Hermetic Principle of Polarity to illustrate.

"All manifested things have two sides, two aspects, or two poles. Everything "is" and "isn't" at the same time, all truths are but half truths and every truth is half false, there are two sides to everything, opposites are identical in nature yet different in degree, extremes meet, and all paradoxes may be reconciled."
So, there's that...

"Every Cause has its effect; every Effect has its Cause; everything happens according to Law; Chance is but a name for Law not recognized; there are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the Law." 
The Kybalion

And that above, in a nutshell, is Causation, the 7th Hermetic Principle, as told by "Three Initiates" in The Kybalion. 

 My favorite version of Justice is from the Holy Light Tarot. 

This deck is thematically my all time favorite with its alchemical and esoteric allusions and artwork. It is a bit busy, but if you're wanting to dive deeper into a deck with history, zodiacal, kabbalah, alchemical, Rosicrucian, various occult traditions in general, it's the deck for you. The imagery is lovely and dynamic, with special attention to the fire and water balancing on the scales- action and emotion, as well as a reference to Natural Law and the Stoicheion-Somata. 
The major arcanum is ever so slightly rearranged, from 11 to 8, to have her depicted in the Fool's evolution/transmutation as an Arbiter of the Greater Good. Moving on from self focus in the first septenary from the Chariot in 7 to the next stage of development, she's moving outside of the self and bringing light to working with the world. Seeing others and their truth as equal and deserving of consideration is prerequisite for affecting their lives.
 In whichever deck you're seeing Justice, it's important to consider the context of the query and position within the layout. However, for a daily pull, I'm all in on assessing your personal cause and effect relationship with the Greater Good.  We're all in it together, after all. "The Universe is mental--held in the Mind of THE ALL." & "All is in THE ALL." -- The Kybalion 


Faery Friday: Don't Should Yourself; The Fee Lion Reversed

 It's been a bit since I have posted to this blog. Life gets full of doing and the simple being whittles down to a minimum. We get busy with things, it happens. The past few weeks I have received several inquiries from the blog and Insta page that made me think I should start posting again, if only to answer the questions. But then that adds to the list of things I need to get done before I can rest or play, and then's there's always more questions, and requests for free readings...

 By day I am an artist and educator. I am lucky to have the freedom in my schedule to do readings when I find the room. Lately, the extra room has been filled with more self-care than usual and dealing with illness. Yesterday, I sat down to draw a card from The Faeries Oracle by my favorite illustrator, Brian Froud. It was very synchronistic to see The Fee Lion show his sour face in the reversed position.

For me, seeing him looking out at me, clinging to the ceiling, says I've got it all wrong and need to rethink why I'm considering posting again. Examining our patterns and programming, the root of desires, will show us our motivations, and if they line up to our true selves. He's here to tell us to recalibrate to True North and try again. 
Should stinks, but desire smells delicious.

When The Fee Lion is in his upright position, he's usually telling us we're dragging ass for whatever reason. That we would get more benefit from that relaxation time when our minds are truly clear from the nagging feeling that we could have wrapped things up or done a better job. That's why his reversal is so nice for me at this particular time. 

Each time I looked at the clock today, the numbers lined up. 11:11, 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44...
While cards are nice to start an investigation into the roots of your "shoulding" patterns, meditation is great. I knew it was time to dive in and examine more closely.



Stones/Crystals to meditate with for clarity, focus, and awareness are pictured;
scolecite ~ awareness, connection, removes energy blockages
ulexite ~ awareness/connects mind with emotions, boosts intuition, creativity, clairvoyance 
k2 ~ intuition, wisdom, focused meditation
sodalite ~ logical thinking, focus, communication

I had a fantastic mediation that rearranged and reaffirmed some things I had let get dusty in the corner of my heart, so to speak. For the time being, I'll continue to post sporadically as I feel called, no commitments, no schedules. May the Fee Lion nag you to your best and let you rest & understand when you can drop some of your stinking shoulds.




The future, past, and present with Faeries

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The Faeries of the Future card was the pull for today's Faery Friday.

This card is pretty simple in its interpretation, but it requires a closer look at the intricate artwork by Brian Froud.

Therefore, I'm not including a photo of the accompanying crystals for a meditation on its message. A closer look at the card is needed.

The easiest way to break it down is to look at the direction figures are facing.
The title of the card would suggest that the future is the focus, and by sheer numbers you'd be right. The majority of the faeries on this card are facing right, indicating a forward outlook.

Next, take a look at the tiny faces that are actually peering or pointing back...

The Gnome King at the lower left points forward. His large belly represents a strong intuitive instinct. He is absolutely sure of the way.

The top of the card shows us the split vision of the Gnome of Now,

 seeing the past and future at once.

On closer inspection, we see that the anchor figure in the bottom of the illustration is poised in a dynamic balance;

 her eyes glancing backward, torso upright, forearms held out, and right leg moving forward. This is a great overall summary of the theme of this message.

The Faeries of the Bright Future aren't here to grant wishes. 
This card is about the future and making our desires come come to fruition, but we aren't getting there in a pumpkin carriage this time. 
If it's going to happen, it's only by assessing the past, staying grounded in the moment, and trusting our intuition and guidance. And as you can see, there are many Future Faeries in your corner. 

If you're a reader or oracle deck collector, love Brian Froud, faeries, or just gorgeous illustrations, you can order the Faery Oracle Deck through the link below*
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Transformation & Alchemy with Nelys

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Nelys the Alchemyst is here to transform the base into gold!
Today's oracle card is about transformation.
When she's here, things are about to change for the better.✨

Hold up, though-
Before you start buying fancy bags to hold all that gold, it's important to know that alchemy is about inner change as much as outer change. Things can't happen outside unless they change inside. As above, so below.
You gotta purify. Crucibles aren't always pretty, and burning away the metaphorical soul crud isn't always fun and games.

 Crystal grid meditation~ Amethyst for purification, malachite & labradorite for transformation (and maybe a little citrine or imperial topaz, & gold if you are trying to manifest a lil sumpin').

If you're a reader or oracle deck collector, love Brian Froud, faeries, or just gorgeous illustrations, you can order the Faery Oracle Deck through the link below*
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Should I stay or should I go now....Indi brings indecision to Faery Friday

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One look at this Fae and you sort of understand what this card is all about. 
From that pained look to the way those orbs are being handled, the energy coming off of this being is back and forth and fleeting and all over the place. 
Now, take a look at the head on which Indi is standing...
Yup. You know the feeling. Indi may look slight in stature, but there is a heavy, heavy pressure on the head below. 
If Indi shows up in your reading, it's time to pick one or the other. You may need to get out a paper and pen and make a good old fashioned pros and cons list, because your fence sitting isn't helping anyone, especially you.

However, if Indi shows up reverse in a reading, it may mean that your indecisiveness is warranted. You need more facts and time to make a proper choice. Be patient and the right choice will make itself clear. 

The crystals shown are for meditations on clearing the mind and easing emotional stress, which can help us to make better decisions.

Top to bottom:
Citrine (clearing solar plexus and stimulating creative solutions and confidence)

If you're a reader or oracle deck collector, love Brian Froud, faeries, or just gorgeous illustrations, you can order the Faery Oracle Deck through the link below*
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