Page of Pentacles; Linestrider Deck

Well, hello sexy lady!
It seems totally fitting that I pulled this card today for several reasons.

Like all pages, this card brings new inspirations, beginnings, or tidings of new things to come, but this one will probably bear some juicy fruit. Earth energy, pentacles, coins, whatever you want to call it, it's about manifesting it into the physical realm. 
If you're sitting on a dream, it could be time to make that shiz happen. 

 Think about how you can sharpen the skills you have, or need learn, to build a new business, hobby,  or all out new venture.
Deck used in today's pull was The Linestrider Tarot by Siolo Thompson.
Some stones for this kind of meditation are pictured & labeled on the image.

 Both citrine & green aventurine are great stones for manifesting, attracting luck, and meditating on growth. 
Pyrite is also another crystal that is associated with prosperity, but it has the added benefit of grounding and protective energies.
Labradorite is associated with many things, but in this line up, it's here to help bring about synchronicity and that extra boost to manifest a dream into reality.

 On the next note, hello and welcome to the Grey Lady Oracle blog!
This is my newest outlet for all of the weird and esoteric specialness that I love so much.
Whether it's the Jungian archetypes and deep collective consciousness/inner knowing of the cards, or how certain crystals and minerals can help us focus on meditative states and intentions to achieve a particular mental and spiritual focus, I've studied and been fascinated by the "woo woo" and the wonders of real neuroplasticity for decades.
I've been posting on Instagram for a bit, but sometimes writing those captions on a teensy phone can be irksome. So, here I am. 
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 I'll figure this blog thing out eventually...

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