Queen of Wands; Linestrider Tarot

A great card of the day for building confidence, focus, and motivation, because the Queen of Wands is, well, the queen of getting stuff done! 🔥

She's the mistress of the fire element, of wills, vibrancy, creativity, and lives strongly in her center. 

She knows what she wants and what she needs to to do to get it, and how to motivate others with her warmth and vitality. 
In her most positive aspects, she is incredibly generous, compassionate, sunny, and loyal.

That being said, I do like the illustration on this particular deck (Linestrider by Siolo Thompson) because the
queen is surrounded by a sort of whispy, dark cloud.
This queen may be the energetic go-getter, but she's also shrouded in some mystery, and likes to wield a bit of magic. The traditional black cat is included here next to her baton and not just at her feet. 
Both of their eyes let you know she can show some claws, so you should probably just stay on her good side.
She's sort of the original #GirlBoss ...

When a reversal shows up, it can indicate a misuse of the queen's gregarious nature; 
manipulations and domineering actions aren't unheard of for this archetype. 

Some helpful focus stones or crystals when meditating on the this card:

Citrine ~ Self-Confidence, Balances Manipura 
Sunstone ~ Power, Vitality
Carnelian ~ Creativity
Rose Quartz ~ Compassion, Self-Esteem
Labradorite ~ Intuition, Synchronicity 

Well, that's the Queen of Wands from the Linestrider deck.
What does she say to you?

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