Faery Friday- ✨A Fairy Godmother ✨

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 The card for today's Faery Friday doesn't even need much explanation. Everyone has heard of a Faery godmother, whether it's from fairy tales or guardian angels, the belief that there is someone stationed to watch over you and bestow blessings and good turns is almost universal. 

The point I'd like to make today is that she's always around and ready to help us. However, it's not our worth or even effort that determines what help we get. Sometimes, with all of the suffering and pain in the world, we feel we don't deserve extra help. But if you are in a position of extraordinary grace, it puts you in a place to help others even more. Everyone is worthy of love, and you are loved. Remember that. 

Stones for meditation on this card:
Labradorite ~ Transformation, Synchronicity 
Sunstone ~ Joy, Good Luck
Smokey Quartz ~ Removal and transformation of negativity

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Duni said...

Beautiful. The world needs some healing energy...

Vanessa said...

That's a sweet sentiment, to think of always being guarded and not being alone would help many people through the worst of times.

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