Faery Friday; The Sage

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🌿 Simplify to understand the complexities. 🌳

Today's card is from the Froud Faery Oracle deck, and for me, corresponds with the Hermit of the traditional tarot.
He represents a time to turn inward and retreat for wisdom and inner knowing, deep contemplation tempered with compassion and a willingness to learn.

If he shows up reversed in the reading, 
it might mean that wisdom or information is being hoarded or withheld.
It can also be a reminder that the ego is blocking us from learning what we truly need to learn.
Information used to prove rather than discover is a perversion of the Truth.
To turn the Sage right again, remember
a wise man knows he knows nothing at all and keeps an open mind.

Crystals pictured;

Howlite~ awareness
Kyanite~ meditation, balancing 
Scolecite~ understanding, connection

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Duni said...

At times it's helpful to turn inwards. To listen to the voice deep within :) Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend!

Isobel Morrell said...

Just calling in via the Blogging Buddies site on Etsy.com - bringing good wishes for your blog, craft and lifestyle! Thanks for sharing. Hope our paths cross again shortly Isobel from www.ColdhamCuddlies.etsy.com/https://www.Coldhamcuddlies.blogspot.com.

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