The future, past, and present with Faeries

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The Faeries of the Future card was the pull for today's Faery Friday.

This card is pretty simple in its interpretation, but it requires a closer look at the intricate artwork by Brian Froud.

Therefore, I'm not including a photo of the accompanying crystals for a meditation on its message. A closer look at the card is needed.

The easiest way to break it down is to look at the direction figures are facing.
The title of the card would suggest that the future is the focus, and by sheer numbers you'd be right. The majority of the faeries on this card are facing right, indicating a forward outlook.

Next, take a look at the tiny faces that are actually peering or pointing back...

The Gnome King at the lower left points forward. His large belly represents a strong intuitive instinct. He is absolutely sure of the way.

The top of the card shows us the split vision of the Gnome of Now,

 seeing the past and future at once.

On closer inspection, we see that the anchor figure in the bottom of the illustration is poised in a dynamic balance;

 her eyes glancing backward, torso upright, forearms held out, and right leg moving forward. This is a great overall summary of the theme of this message.

The Faeries of the Bright Future aren't here to grant wishes. 
This card is about the future and making our desires come come to fruition, but we aren't getting there in a pumpkin carriage this time. 
If it's going to happen, it's only by assessing the past, staying grounded in the moment, and trusting our intuition and guidance. And as you can see, there are many Future Faeries in your corner. 

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Ryan said...

This is such a pretty card. Your interpretations are always interesting, and frequently I feel they could apply to my life, even though it was not a reading done specifically for me.

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