Faery Friday: Don't Should Yourself; The Fee Lion Reversed

 It's been a bit since I have posted to this blog. Life gets full of doing and the simple being whittles down to a minimum. We get busy with things, it happens. The past few weeks I have received several inquiries from the blog and Insta page that made me think I should start posting again, if only to answer the questions. But then that adds to the list of things I need to get done before I can rest or play, and then's there's always more questions, and requests for free readings...

 By day I am an artist and educator. I am lucky to have the freedom in my schedule to do readings when I find the room. Lately, the extra room has been filled with more self-care than usual and dealing with illness. Yesterday, I sat down to draw a card from The Faeries Oracle by my favorite illustrator, Brian Froud. It was very synchronistic to see The Fee Lion show his sour face in the reversed position.

For me, seeing him looking out at me, clinging to the ceiling, says I've got it all wrong and need to rethink why I'm considering posting again. Examining our patterns and programming, the root of desires, will show us our motivations, and if they line up to our true selves. He's here to tell us to recalibrate to True North and try again. 
Should stinks, but desire smells delicious.

When The Fee Lion is in his upright position, he's usually telling us we're dragging ass for whatever reason. That we would get more benefit from that relaxation time when our minds are truly clear from the nagging feeling that we could have wrapped things up or done a better job. That's why his reversal is so nice for me at this particular time. 

Each time I looked at the clock today, the numbers lined up. 11:11, 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44...
While cards are nice to start an investigation into the roots of your "shoulding" patterns, meditation is great. I knew it was time to dive in and examine more closely.



Stones/Crystals to meditate with for clarity, focus, and awareness are pictured;
scolecite ~ awareness, connection, removes energy blockages
ulexite ~ awareness/connects mind with emotions, boosts intuition, creativity, clairvoyance 
k2 ~ intuition, wisdom, focused meditation
sodalite ~ logical thinking, focus, communication

I had a fantastic mediation that rearranged and reaffirmed some things I had let get dusty in the corner of my heart, so to speak. For the time being, I'll continue to post sporadically as I feel called, no commitments, no schedules. May the Fee Lion nag you to your best and let you rest & understand when you can drop some of your stinking shoulds.



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