Full Moon in Taurus during Scorpio: 6 of Pentacles & 3 of Wands Reversed

 The full moon in Taurus brings us a fantastic opportunity to think about manifestation and being rooted in the physical level while acknowledging polarity in Scorpio of releasing and nodding at death.
Two cards from a reading today were spot on for this.

With fiery Sagittarius season approaching (and with it Thanksgiving in the U.S.) there's also an energy that lends itself to looking toward the future and planning, as well as our inner selves and spiritual goals.

 Six is a number of nurturing, sharing, love, reciprocity, and community.
6 coins, The Fountain
 The 6 of coins/pentacles  is all about the flow of energy between groups, people, business, you name it. If you're in a position to give, it's a sign to do so. If you're in need, it signals that help is there. Ask and you shall receive. The accompanying card was the reversed 3 of Wands, so we'll look at its upright meaning first.

Three is number of creation, growth, and multiplication.

3 of Wands can look like optimism, anticipation, foresight, partnership, progress, future growth, goal-oriented, business expansion, trade.

 The figure in the Rider-Waite could quite be literally waiting for a ship to come in. Back to everything else and eyes on the horizon, his focus is on what he has set in motion and how it will play out.
The warm gold of the sea suggests his efforts will be rewarded, yet the murky color of the sky indicates it could be a challenging endeavor. Cloaked in red and also wearing a headband, is this the Magician? Did he manifest what he wanted and now he's onto his next feat? This leads me to the next aspect of this card that I feel can be overlooked.

 Although this card often indicates business, one important meaning for me is the personal portal of self development. The figure is standing on a shore between the staves looking toward a new land. He has already passed through this doorway in the two of wands. The hand he has on his current staff represents one side of the next portal. Should his ventures prove successful, he may one day walk on those shores, and you'll see this in the energy on 4 of wands.

 If this card shows up reversed, the surrounding cards should play into the interpretation. It could mean that setbacks and blocks may happen, or perhaps plans weren't well thought out and a reassessment is called for to reach goals. Which rope do you let go of to reset yourself and then gain a better hold? I'm not about doom and gloom forecasting. Like I say, you write your own future, so how can you better align with the energy of the upright 3 of Wands? Think it over.

left to right pyrite, green aventurine, citrine (The Fountain Tarot)
 Stones I like for this pairing of cards are:
 citrine- always a go-to for commerce and goals
green aventurine- growth and abundance
pyrite- prosperity and a dose of grounded, protective energy, as well as helping the auric field and intellect, especially to recall pertinent info
rhodonite- heart centered intention, compassion, gratitude, balance, alternatives

 As you set your intentions for the full moon in Taurus, think on what needs to be released and allow that abundant, free flowing energy of the 6 of Coins to work its way to you.

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