Giving and Receiving with the 6 of Pentacles ✨💚✨

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 No matter where these little ones show up in a reading, if they are right side up, it's a good omen. Pictured here we have the 6 of pentacles, or coins. They represent the earth element, the physical  manifestations in our lives. On this card from The Linestrider deck by Siolo Thompson, we see some adorable creatures instead of the traditional wealthy man giving alms to the poor beggars.

However, the scales are still present and this is essential to the concept that giving and receiving is a balance. The universe, God, fate, whatever you wish to label it, gives abundantly. If one wishes to hoard those blessings, the scales will tip and the stockpiles will fall to the ground anyhow. 

 This card is is reminder that our finances, talents, and time are gifts to others and we can bestow them generously. 
Here's the hard part-
We are also allowed to accept these gifts from others. 
This can be difficult, sometimes. We are often shamed into silence when we feel we need assistance, or that we are not as deserving as others that may need it more than us. 
Take this image and remember that everything is a balance.
There will be times you are the abundant bird, and times you are waiting for seeds of blessing to fall upon you. There will always be new ways of satisfying your needs and helping others. 

The universe is limitless, so are you. ✨💛✨

Clear quartz points~ amplification of focus 

Green Aventurine~ abundance & healing

Pyrite~ prosperity & protection
Buckeye nut~ good fortune

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Duni said...

Beautiful post! I believe in abundance and I choose to give generously. It's what makes the world go round :)
p.s. thank you for your lovely comments on my blog recently!

byTheArtBug said...

lovely message:)

Vanessa said...

Love that you picked stones to go with the cards. Glad I just found your blog, it's beautiful!

Grey said...

Absolutely, Duni! It's a flow. <3

Grey said...

Thank you, Art Bug. <3

Grey said...

Thanks, Vanessa. :)

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