International Faery Day

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This afternoon when I took out my phone and tap tap tapped through Instagram to post today's card,
  I was happily surprised when I heard that today was actually International Faery Day!
Yay! It's perfect, because it fits right in with Faery Friday.

The card I pulled this morning from the Faery Oracle deck was Irish of the Rainbows.
It's so utterly appropriate.
After the tragedy in Orlando and events in Europe this week, the world seems to be in the midst of a storm. 
These things cans weigh heavily on our hearts and minds.
When Iris shows up in a reading, it indicates that the storm may still be raging, but that a respite is in sight.
Going through tempests usually teaches us something important about the things that shelter us, 
and the people, places, and experiences we value.

She also promises hope.
Storms do not last forever.
However, storms always return.
If we are wise, we will learn how to better prepare for them and recover.
We also learn patience to ride them out.
Look closely at this card.
Iris holds the promise of hope in the colorful rainbow.
Now, look even closer-

Some shoot for the metaphorical clouds with their arrows to make way for that rainbow to shine down while others huddle and await the peace.

Everyone on this card is in the storm together. 
You are never alone.
There is always hope.

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~Crystals pictured~

Green Tourmaline: Adapt to Change, Compassion, Find One's Place in Nature
Quartz: Healing, Amplification, Pretty much anything for which you set an intention ;)
Moonstone: Hope, Intuition, Calm responses & Avoid Overreactions  

Happy International Faery Day!

How do you plan to celebrate?


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Happy International Faery Day! Maybe with some fairy inspired nails?

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