Ten of Wands: The Fountain Tarot

 When some cards come up, I say "there's a lot going on in the (insert card here)."
But when the 10 of wands comes up it means there is literally a lot going on, and it could be too much.
The figure you see in the Fountain Tarot deck ten of wands is a fairly traditional image of a man working very hard to balance all ten staves while plodding forward, and it's pretty taxing.
All of this hard work will eventually lead to completion and success, but at what cost?
He can't see the much ahead of himself or what he's trying so hard to juggle.
The day to day responsibilities and tasks may be sapping and stagnating creative energies. 
Fingers are being worked to the bone and fatigue is setting in as the burdens pile up. 
One way to look at the card is to power through, but with extra care to focus on tasks one step at a time. Another way is to look to the lessons of the wands before it and come up with creative solutions to alleviate some of those burdens.
Bring back some balance as you continue to work hard toward completion and success. It might take longer with all those responsibilities and burdens, so allow yourself to reprioritize and empower yourself to say no. 

 Crystals pictured for meditation on balance, awareness, and releasing blocked energy;
Scolecite: removes energy blockages
Snowflake Obsidian: balance, centering 
Lepidolite: balance, awareness 
Ametrine: balance, support, intuition


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