You have plenty with the 10 of Cups

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 Here is seriously one of the most positive, shiny, happy cards in any tarot deck.
This is where happily ever after is. 

 The 10 in any suit is going to be about completion and the end of a cycle, we're coming back to one numerically.
When it comes to the cups, you're dealing with emotions, dreams, and wishes, & in this case they are happy ones.
 The traditional image on the 10 of cups depicts a couple standing together and children dancing around happily. The cups are displayed across the sky in a radiant rainbow, with a house in the distance across a peaceful pastoral landscape. As an animal lover, I'm very partial to Siolo Thompson's interpretation of this card, and these pink lovebirds say everything about the points above. 
The 10 of cups is the fairy tale bliss. Marriage, holidays, joy, rewards, abundance, it's all here.

 Even the reversal of this card isn't all bad.
If this card shows upside down, it can mean that looks are deceiving. 
Think "social media" happy. Don't believe the glossy surface. There's something that needs to be handled that isn't so shiny and happy and may be out of whack with your personal beliefs. 
But once this issue is dealt with, or a certain area of life has the attention and realignment it deserves, then the full happiness of the upright meaning is just within reach.

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 The stones shown with the card are all heart chakra stones. 
For the most part, any stone that resonates with you for a meditation on joy, harmony, and love, is perfect for this card.
Rose Quartz
(Especially for reversal of this card, as rhodonite is thought to assist in bringing awareness of one's oversights or missteps without negative judgemental attitudes and instead gentle correction to alignment to one's purpose.)

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