Singer of the Chalice; Faery Friday Birthday Spread

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 Today's card is from the Faery Oracle deck, and so is the sample layout.
We'll just go ahead call it Faery Friday.

~The Singer of the Chalice ~

This is a highly spiritual card.
It's that feeling of being in the flow of perfect Love, trust, hope, and patience.
It's that sweet spot where you know the universe has your back and it's all going to be okay.
There's no sweating anything, because you are loved, you love others, and miracles are the norm.

For me, and I say this with an emphasis on for me because all oracle decks have a very personal meaning to the reader rather than a hard and fast definition, this card is somewhat related to the Ace of Cups in the traditional tarot. However, it has a higher vibration than the human emotions associated with cups. This is more of an angelic or Universal Love energy.

The crystals shown are arced for a meditation on patience, love, trust, hope, and peace. 

Green-Blue-Purple Fluorite
Botswana Agate

Quick birthday year-at-a-glance layout

The above photo shows an example of a simple intuitive faery oracle layout for an anonymous pixie on Instagram

~Present position
The Laume
Giving & Receiving
This could indicate the querent is feeling blocked or stagnant in some area at the moment, and could benefit from opening up to the Universal flow of unconditional giving. Letting the flow of abundance move through us is the best way to feel and recognize all that we truly have. Charitable work or volunteering our time and unique skills is another way to be a part of the cosmic dance if money is too tight at the moment.

Master Maker
Having the Master Maker show up in this position could mean that creative blocks and work might be a challenge this year. It can also mean that craftsmanship could suffer. Taking the time to hone skills or even take new classes, maybe explore a new method or technique, could be the way to overcome this block.

~Solution/Possible Outcome

Lys of the Shadows 
danced her way upside down here...
She's usually the bringer of light to dark places. She's a comforter to the broken hearted. 
She dances in the dark and the moths and other things of the shadows are drawn to her. She doesn't judge them, because she understands them. She knows why it's easier to live in the dark, but she makes it her mission to keep bringing light and drying tears.
When she's upside down though it might mean that she feeling a bit too much like her old self.
The pain points that she identifies with can dim that light.
Remembering what drives her to heal others can be the best cure for her own pain.
Sometimes healing others is part of therapy.
Understanding that our scars may help to keep others from being as deeply wounded if we can see them as lessons instead of burdens. 
This ties in with The Laume and the flow of giving.  

~Message for the Year
Luathas the Wild

This means it could be a very busy year. Having this card here sort of amplifies everything else.
The pace may feel like it has to be go, go, go! The frenetic energy of Luathas should be harnessed and grounded. It's a great thing for creativity! A time for experimentation. However, looking at the Master Maker challenge card, it could be good idea to temper that energy with a structured class or the tempo of this guy might lead to more frustration or haphazard work habits.
It's always a good idea to ground in nature and make time for a mindfulness or spiritual practice so the "Wild" doesn't spill over into everything. 

~As a holistic view of the spread, with a focus on balancing the karmic accounting books,
attention to creativity and workmanship,
and learning from pain to heal others, 
it looks like there's definitely still room for spicy. Take time for the sweet moments.~

The Faery Oracle deck is one of my faves.

Even if you're not into oracle decks, and prefer a more structured tarot deck, the deck is worth having just for the absolutely gorgeous illustrations.
It lacks the cheesiness of most faery art, because what else would you expect from the creator of Labryinth and the Dark Crystal?

You can find it fairly easily in your local bookstore
or through this link


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