Losing (and finding !) It; Faery Friday Ilbe the Retriever

 Life can be messy, and so can people.
Our physical organization skills vary from person to person, situation to situation, and from day to day.
Keeping your metaphorical shit together can be even harder.
We let things slide to piles in the back of cupboards and closets of our minds.

 When Ilbe shows up in a reading, it's a hint that something we thought lost will turn up again.
Think of him as the Fae director of the lost and found. (Oh, and he may put some things in the lost pile for safe keeping if you're too busy to tend to them, only to let you find them at a more appropriate time.)
This object that returns might not be in the best condition, it could maybe use some polishing up, but it's still here.
He thinks we still have a shot at it. Don't give up. Just be open and let it show up.
 There are tons of stones to focus on luck and rekindled desires/hope-
just a couple pictured here;
Rough emerald and serpentine.

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Chelsey said...

True! Love serpentine :)

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